This Guy Removed the Dead Man that Was Trapped inside the Shop at Onitsha While the Fire was Burning

Yesterday 17/10/19 evening at Ochanja market, the Fire is still burning, I interview a guy everyone there says he is the Hero of the Hour , he was the guy that Removed the dead man that was trapped inside the shop , he was the one that climbed the shaky building that was about to collapse and retrieve people goods , some thoughts he is gone but he resurfaced before people assisted him .
He is the Guy on this picture, he said his name is
Ekene Iwuoha

If People can Celebrate Tasha of Big Brother, why not Give this Guy A warm Celebration.

He defiles the Job NEMA failed to render, he gathers the courage to move in the Building and retrieve people's goods.
In France Last year, A Guy was celebrated and Honoured by the French Government because he rescues a Baby from Fire Building.

He deserves some ACCOLADES.

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