Tragedy: Ochanja/Upper Iweka on Fire- People Burnt with their Goods Inside their Shops

Thank you, Lord, for saving much other life's 
Happening right now at Onitsha , upper iweka and ochanja market. Just speechless.
I cried!!
The multi-billion business hub!!
Onitsha with its heavy tax!!
Generating revenue not really utilized!!
The road is not motorable in and out of rain!!
I can only imagine how vain an enclave we dwell!!
No beauty in "human""
No fire service to render service
All we see are hustlers trying to make a living!!
Not by robbery by the most part!!
Yet not at all!!
I forbid all that is unjust and dehumanizing!!
Brethren how can I believe that this is an outbreak!!
How can I believe that is not orchestrated!!
The accident occurred, but what is the root causes of it!!
Who is behind all this!!
I am soo wearied!!
Burdened with the pain of loss so unavoidable!!
I am aggrieved mostly the way our indigenous leader's folly as they have acted are tools rather than saviors!!
They aid the oppressors!!
They keep lame limb!!
Then it was upper-iweka
Now is Toronto hospital around ochanja!!
Same orchestrators!!
Same physical tools!!
Lo, driver!!
You escaped?!!
Lives and properties were lost...!!
But one thing is for sure!!
Once your hair is shaved!!
It even grows at a faster pace!!
If there is an annihilation plan with regards to the incidence!!
I smile!!
Because the "tribe" is seed!!
It shall never die!!
Imperfect lamentation....!!
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