Congratulations to all Those who are Online Reading this Post Right Now

The Lord said to my lord sit here at my right until I put your enemies under your feet from Zion the Lord will extend your royal power rule over your enemies he says on the day you will fight your enemies your people will volunteer Like the few of early morning your young man will come to you on the sacred hills.
Drop your favorite scripture n put in on sentence. The devil can not stop your success... Especially you who is Reading this post. You are the Next Millionaire in town. Just say Lord I need your help share 4 times now and Receive it..!!!!!!

Congratulations to all those who are Online reading this Post Right Now! When I was on the Mountain Praying for you today, the Lord told me to give this Prophecy... Before Friday Next Week by this Time, you will meet your Destiny Helper whom God will use to Change your life Forever... God told me to give this prophecy to the world. 

Take it if you are online. Before this month ends your star will shine. I saw it very clear
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